slave trade?

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Washitaw Moors No Slave Trade to America – Lost Feather

What about the African Slave Trade? Much of the so-called African Slave Trade was fabricated. An independent source showing that the so-called Indians on the Eastern Seaboard…



How does my garden grow?

I have always love gardening. My very first efforts were horrible because I did not like to weed so I did not prepare. That’s why in scouting we were told to be prepared.

I lived for many years in an apartment and tried tyre gardening which was successful at first but soon afterwards,  I could not get anything else to grow. So  when I decided to build my own home, apart from the rooms, I knew that a garden would be a must.

So many years later, I have something to show. I have a flower garden, a shrub garden, trees and  vegetable container gardens. The soil at home is very heavy clay so it is not easy for me to work with.  I have therefore have to buy soil mixes.

I recently was inspired by a video by Ron Finley of South Los Angeles, California,  USA to expand my vegetable garden and to try to grow more of my own food so that I would not have to rely on what the supermarkets or vendors carry. Here is some of what I have done recently.

I need lots of help. I would like  to make a radical transformation with more plantings, better use of space, better soil and use of vertical props etc.

Any suggestions on how I can begin to build a food forest?

Knock Knock

Try this if you dare… for the uninitiated like me.


(The video player has a ‘Full screen’ button to make it bigger)

Click here for the free sheet music

The song starts with a solo melody line that is answered with a short bass riff. Things get going at measure 10 with some harmony and a steady beat in the left hand. The bass riff should be loud each time, but you can back off for the low quarter notes in the left hand. Measure 22-29 is a handful. Practice each hand separately and then combine them at a slow tempo. The next new section begins at measure 58. Emphasize the right hand melody, while keeping the left hand soft and bouncy. Back to the chorus at measure 72 with the right hand taking it up an octave at measure 76.

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Vibrations of the Number 13

Its important to know the power of 13 because we have to know what time it is!


The vibrations of the number 13 are very, very powerful.

Such power can be recognized and embraced and utilized for the benefit of self and others. The power can also be frightening and considered something to be avoided or taboo. So says this article at

The power inherent in the number 13 is neither “good” nor “bad”. Power is just energy until utilized.

Its power is one of the reasons for it’s negative reputation. Those who do not resonate with its vibrations find the vibes to be an obstacle and will certainly experience negative circumstances in their lives.

13 represents the basic triad, 1-2-3 as self-partnership-group. The individual digits in the number 13 add up to the number 4, which represents building a foundation for the future.

The number 13 has the foundational vibration of humanity.

Resonating with the vibrations of the number 13 can result in profound understandings…

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