An unlikely farm feeds a community by Ron Finley

Its important to grow your own food. More on this topic later!


Reach One Teach One into Growing a Garden coming back to Nature. 13Love

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  1. I saw this TED video last year. It is so awesome! Thank you for visiting and following me. You asked about help with gardening, but you didn’t say where you live. Your location and growing conditions will make all the difference in what help may come to you. 🙂


    1. I live on Barbados, tropical conditions all year round, wet and dry seasons. .ain problems are the quality of the soil and bugs like snails, slugs and flies.

      Yes. I am ready to do this.


      1. Do you have enough of a yard to start a compost pile? Adding as much compost as you can to your soil will really help to break it up. Also, raised beds are a good option for growing veggies. Making your own soil by composting will be far better than buying the expensive bagged soil. I compost pretty much everything except for milk products and meat/bone. Cardboard, paper, kitchen scraps, grass clippings, leaves, all that. Keep it turned and in no time you will have great soil!

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  2. Thanks Lynda for your very useful advice. I have started my compost pile. I used to put clippings in an area of my yard before but it wasn’t in an area where I could turn it over so I have rectified that. Sorry that I took so long to respond to you. I am very excited about my project and working on it daily. I haven’t used my laptop recently and I don’t always get full functionality on my phone.

    How is your garden going?


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