How does my garden grow?

I have always love gardening. My very first efforts were horrible because I did not like to weed so I did not prepare. That’s why in scouting we were told to be prepared.

I lived for many years in an apartment and tried tyre gardening which was successful at first but soon afterwards,  I could not get anything else to grow. So  when I decided to build my own home, apart from the rooms, I knew that a garden would be a must.

So many years later, I have something to show. I have a flower garden, a shrub garden, trees and  vegetable container gardens. The soil at home is very heavy clay so it is not easy for me to work with.  I have therefore have to buy soil mixes.

I recently was inspired by a video by Ron Finley of South Los Angeles, California,  USA to expand my vegetable garden and to try to grow more of my own food so that I would not have to rely on what the supermarkets or vendors carry. Here is some of what I have done recently.

I need lots of help. I would like  to make a radical transformation with more plantings, better use of space, better soil and use of vertical props etc.

Any suggestions on how I can begin to build a food forest?


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