Gardening , my favourite activity

Gardening is my passion as it is an activity which gives me a feeling of completeness. By completeness, I refer to an activity that not only is exciting and rewarding but has an effect on my total person; mind, body, and spirit.


Gardening has a spiritual component, as the very act of planting a seed is spiritual since it embodies the whole act of creation from conception to birth, growth, maturity, and death.

2013-04-21 07.19.34


In terms of the physical, gardening involves the strenuous task of digging, and the lesser demanding activities of pruning, weeding and watering. Much exercise is obtained in performing these simple tasks, which provides a workout equivalent to time spent in the gym.


Regarding the element of mind, the emotions are satisfied in the garden by the sheer beauty of the flowers, nuances in green foliage and the amazing diversity of colour.

2013-04-21 07.13.16

Elements and connection to nature

In the garden, it is always possible to feel connected to nature, not only due to the flora but also because of the myriad array of bees, birds, butterflies and insects that frequent there. Notably also, gardening always comprises at least three of the main elements of creation; namely, earth, wind and water. In ancient civilisations, the fourth element of fire was employed when slash and burn agriculture was practised.  In fact, the fourth element is still a feature of some modern gardens in colder climates, in the form of a fire pit.


Finally, a garden embodies the concept of completeness, in relation to the perpetual growth from seed to fruit to seed again, and in the experience of simply being in the garden; in terms of that feeling of time standing still, of love, tranquillity, a job well done and of an infinite peace with the world.

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