Crop rotation, made easy

Start your own vegetable garden today, even if you have only limited space. Plant, nourish and feel the excitement!

Gardening Jules

I am fortunate to have my own veg garden, within a stride or two of the kitchen door, with 5 large raised beds and a fruit area, but whatever you have, planning your crops and where they are going each year will give the best results.

We’ve grown our own for years and I love it  – the complete thrill and rush of picking your own fresh veg, herbs and fruit for lunch, dinner, guests or just us, is very satisfying. My family benefit from home grown veg and fruit, I know exactly how its grown and it only travels the short distance up my garden from plot to table.

To keep your plot at its performing healthiest best, you’ll need to rotate your crops and the reasons for doing this are threefold – keep growing the same crop in the same place and the build up of potential soil borne…

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