Reflections from my window



As I sat gazing through my bedroom window, I watched with absolute fascination the interplay of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, slowly weaving their way from flower to flower in the garden. This vivid picture of studied determination, singular focus and unwavering diligence reminds me that having purpose is one of the greatest necessities of successful living. These different entities of God’s creation carry out their duties assiduously without animosity, competition or infighting. The sole goal is simply to successfully complete the assigned task. I think to myself, that as humans, we have a lot to learn from the supposedly lesser animal kingdom.

We have often heard that together everyone achieves more. Simply put, this may be seen as just buzz words but when we study the birds and bees at work, we discover  how very relevant those words are. If everyone committed to a single goal, work diligently towards its completion, moving forward with alacrity, never complaining, never comparing ; just focusing on  doing his or her best, how much more would we be able to accomplish in a single day, week, month, year or decade. Just imagine the possibilities if we did this on a global basis. The sky would be the limit!

A good friend of mine is fond of saying that we need not be unified in our beliefs to  be united in our intentions. How sage is this advice!  Think about this: Jews, Christians, Moslems all have different beliefs but all are looking forward to the return of their Saviour. Therefore, they can put aside their differences and focus on getting ready to greet their Saviour, even if they all believe that He is a different being. In fact, let us all put aside our differences and work  for our common purpose, goals, aspirations and needs and help each other along the way. Consider the birds, bees and butterflies at work in the common act of pollinating the garden.


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