The magic of bees




Without bees, how would we get our food? Pollination is one of the most important things that bees do. Pollination is the transfer of pollen from the anther (male part) of a flower to the stigma (female part) of a flower. The transfer of pollen results in fertilization and the formation of seeds. The seeds stimulate growth of the surrounding ovarian tissue or the flesh of the fruit. Flowers with higher levels of fertilization produce more seeds and thus bigger fruit.


Fruit crops especially need insect pollinators for pollination (e.g. cherries, guava, passion fruit, jamun and pomegranates. We actually need bees and other insects in our garden when those blooms appear so that we can reap some fruit.  Proper pollination can increase fruit size, yield, cause fruit to ripen quicker and improve the shape of the fruit. In plants that are not self-pollinating, pollination is done by wind or animals, mainly bees. So now do you see how important bees are?


Why garden? …a way to beautify you and your surroundings

Gardening is a very worthwhile activity. Apart from its therapeutic effects, gardening allows you to grow your own food which is great for food security , especially in times of shortage.


With proper planning, you should be able to supplement what you now buy at the grocery store and by so doing, save money. In addition, if there is a surplus, it may be useful to preserve some food. There are a lot of free resources on the internet which teaches how to can and preserve food.


Another great idea is building a community and coordinating with your community members what each member will plant so that you can share produce and benefit from the right growing atmosphere- for example, tomatoes may grow better in your neighbour’s soil while cabbages may grow better on yours.


There are so many other thing you can do like cooking from scratch, using almost all your ingredients from your garden, saving seeds to replant, exchanging seeds with friends and neighbours and just overall becoming self- sufficient and saving money!

Who is ready to start?




To my Dream Reader

It is true that you believe that punctuality is the supreme value and that everyone who is not punctual has an indelible stain on his or her character. This brings to mind the perception of the importance of time in our societies.  If we did not count time, would there be utter chaos in our daily comings and goings? How did the first people live, with only day and night; no hours, minutes or seconds, just moments in time?

I believe that each person is the judge of how important time is to them.  It, in fact, means that if you are on your own time and no one is waiting on you, that punctuality is not that important. How many times have peoples’ lives been spared because they were late? Do you think that that is an omen? Time is a man made device which was established as one of the bases for doing commerce. This is why it is critical to get to work early so that you can maximise your productive time. Also, why punch clocks, swipe cards and retina scans exist.   The existence of electricity was also vital for commerce because without it, the differences in night and day would have been more marked.

There are persons who are so-called free spirits who do not follow the normal conventions. Is it possible that these persons have less stress in their lives? I accept that there are differences in the approach to life but honestly feel that there must be mutual respect for each other’s world view so as to avoid chaos and confusion.

Abundance or scarce resources?

I truly believe that” earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed,” as propounded by Mahatma Gandhi more than sixty-six years ago. We are hearing discussions increasingly that there are too many people living on the planet. My question is this: on what basis has that been decided?  Again, if they really were more people than there were existing resources, and I seriously doubt that, who would be responsible for determining who were the excess persons and on what basis would those persons be selected to be sacrificed? These are all questions to ponder.

In addition, how could there be scarce resources when there is so much wastage daily on the planet, and how could there be so much poverty when multinationals have trillions of dollars. Where does this money go? Who does this money benefit? Isn’t the Earth the Almighty God’s and the fullness thereof?  If so, why then do some own so much and others own so little?  At the very least, the Earth is able to provide something for every single person to eat, wear and to take care of themselves every single day. Didn’t the Almighty God say that he would look after the sparrows?

Therefore, we must acknowledge that there is enough abundance for us and it is only greed that is affecting its distribution and is therefore manufacturing so- called scarce resources. The blame is squarely at the door of whoever came up with” demand and supply “and therefore encouraged men to think of ways of diminishing supply so as to create increased demand.  This is manipulation of abundant resources and of the earth’s people, surely , all in the name of commerce and consequently of what the Most High intended for us.

fruits and veg




Let us proceed to uncover and enjoy the abundance of life.

I would be very grateful for your thoughts on this important matter. Does Mother Earth offer abundance or scarcity for her people?

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